Day 6

Today after breakfast we went to the Temple Mount. We watched at the Western Wall as people prayed. We go there tomorrow. On the Temple Mount is the Rock of the Dome and another large Muslim mosque. The Jewish Temple was destroyed in 70AD.

Dome of the Rock

We went to the place where Mary was supposed to have been born. We sang in the church. We sang Holy Holy Holy and the chorus to Turn your eyes Upon Jesus. Wow! The acoustics were awesome.

We saw a statue of Anne and Mary as a child. Anne was supposedly the mother of Mary. Outside the church was the Pools of Bethesda. It’s on the level of the original city. It is in ruins and is an archaeological site.

We then went on the Via Dolorosa route. Stopping at The Church of the Sepulchre where the crucifixion took place. The saw the stone supposedly where they lay Jesus’s body for burial wrapping. Then we went to the place supposedly where the tomb was. (One of two different places.)

After lunch we went to Mount Zion to see the Upper Room. (Probably wasn’t the actual one, but one like it.) Then we stopped by King David’s tomb. Again, probably not the actual place.

Then we went to the Israel Museum. There was a model of the Old City of Jerusalem. The Dead Sea Scrolls are housed there as well.

The we went to the Holocaust Museum. That was very emotional.

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