Day 7

Today we started out going to The Western Wall Tunnels. Going into the old city there were many Bar Mitzvahs going on.  We stopped and celebrated with them. We saw the largest stone in the Temple Mount. Approx. 100,000 tons. We saw the original streets of the Western Wall. Saw a large that the stone cutters stopped the work after Herod died. We walked through the water reservoir. A huge cistern.

The roads were blocked everywhere because of Prince William’s visit today. As we came out of the Tunnels, William’s motorcade went right by us. Our group was the only ones on the street at the time.

We went to the Garden of Gethsemane.  Its smaller than it was during Jesus’s day.  During His day there were many more olive trees and presses there.  There’s is s church built over the rock where Jesus was praying and then arrested. The rock is exposed inside the church.

We then went to the Mount of Olives over the garden. We had our picture taken facing the Eastern Gate that is closed until Jesus comes back.

We went to the temple Western wall so that we could leave prayers on the wall and to pray. Again there were many Bar Mitzvahs.  We just missed Prince William praying at the wall.

We ate lunch at Aroma’s. Israel’s Starbucks but really much better.

After lunch we went to Jerusalem Museum.We finished the day visiting the site of Caiaphas the high priest. He had a jail there to hold criminals. We went down into a pit that is believed where Jesus was held for a few hours. Read Psalm 88. There’s a church built over the pit today, but made the pit available below. It was quiet emotional.

We ate dinner at the hotel, Dan Jerusalem Hotel. We are getting ready for bed.

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